J. Derald Morgan & Associates, Inc. provides consulting electrical engineering and forensic services. 

We are available for consulting and expert witness services to the legal, insurance and business communities and individuals. We provide services for the evaluation of design, operational and installation defects.

We serve as your expert to resolve disputes involving electrical equipment and systems. We also investigate and evaluate personal injuries that involve electrical equipment.

We will train your employees in safe work practices, evaluate your existing training materials or develop new training and or safety materials for your company or your equipment.

The firm provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Education and Training in the application and interpretation of the National Electric Code (NEC) and or the National Electric Safety Code (NESC)
  • Education and Training in safe work practices in low, medium or high voltage environments
  • Evaluation of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems
  • Design, Development, Testing and Evaluation of electrical equipment and systems of low, medium or high voltage
  • Electrical Safety Training of Linemen and Engineers
  • Preparation of and evaluation of electrical safe work practices and methods
  • Investigation of and development of expert witness testimony associated with civil actions and claims involving :

Electrical Injuries
Electrical Equipment & Appliances
Electrical Systems
(residential, commercial industrial)

Electrical Fires
Electrical Work Practices & Methods
Electrical Contacts & Construction Equipment

Electrical Power Lines and Systems
Electromagnetic effects of high voltage power lines
Electrical Grounding

Stray Voltage Problems & Solutions